About Peter Isdell-Carpenter

Born in Huntingdonshire, now part of Cambridgeshire, Peter Isdell-Carpenter studied French and German at school, followed by a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics at Oxford. He then moved to New York to take up an internship at an advertising agency, and his time there marked the start of his growing fascination with America.

Returning home to the UK, he joined the Birds Eye division of Unilever, selling fish fingers in Kent then rising to a manager in their marketing department.

After marrying his Californian wife he turned his back on fish fingers to return to advertising, this time as a London director at Young & Rubicam. Ten years later he dropped out of the corporate world to pursue his love of sailing by creating a company that made and marketed interesting accessories for boat enthusiasts. But after a while he was talked back into Y&R to help with their European network, before going out on his own to advise a range of businesses and join various company boards.

Finally, he cut loose to try his hand at painting, composing music, and book-writing. Since his Oxford days, he had harboured a fascination with the world of politics, and that together with his lasting affection for America sowed the seeds of this, his debut novel, a political thriller set naturally enough in the heart of the American federal government.

By Peter Isdell-Carpenter