About Zuleika

Tom Perrin and Louise Naudé founded Zuleika in 2017, despite not having a background in publishing, in order to publish the books that they loved, but weren’t seeing published. Zuleika subsequently enjoyed international success with Charley’s Woods: Sex, Sorrow & A Spiritual Quest in Snowdonia (by Charles Duff) and The Quest for Queen Mary (by James Pope-Hennessy, ed. Hugo Vickers), the first two books on its list.

Zuleika grew quickly and Tom’s list is now led by non-fiction, with a focus on memoir, biography, history and narrative non-fiction. He is currently particularly interested in stories with strong female leads and those which expose the human stories behind lives of outward privilege and glamour; he is also currently buying idiosyncratic narrative histories and powerful memoirs with an emphasis on belonging, identity and mental health. He publishes a sprinkling of literary fiction, but is not currently accepting submissions in this genre.

Zuleika now publishes over twenty authors and its titles have received international coverage, in reviews and features, being described variously as ‘tender-hearted, prickly, resilient and life-enhancing’ (The Spectator), ‘a gift of a book’ (The Oldie), ‘a complete delight’ (The Mail on Sunday), ‘a fine book… with wit, candor, and unassailable force’ (The New York Review of Books), and ‘Arguably the most riotously funny volume published this year’ (The Sunday Times)’.

If you are interested in sharing your story with us, then please contact us.

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