About Zuleika

Tom Perrin and Louise Naudé founded Zuleika in 2017 as an independent alternative to the dominance of transatlantic publishing houses. Zuleika has, since its launch, been subject to international media coverage: two of its titles have been nominated for national literary prizes and its books have been reviewed by newspapers and magazines in both the UK and the United States. ⠀

Its titles have been described as ‘tender-hearted, prickly, resilient and life-enhancing’ (The Spectator), ‘a gift of a book’ (The Oldie), ‘a complete delight’ (The Mail on Sunday), ‘a fine book… with wit, candor, and unassailable force’ (The New York Review of Books), ‘Arguably the most riotously funny volume published this year’ (The Sunday Times)’.

Zuleika is currently expanding its distribution network across the UK and from the Autumn of 2018, through a presence in New York, into the United States. The company is also expanding its team.

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