About RJ Arkhipov

Born in Wales. Reborn in Paris. RJ Arkhipov is a poet, conceptual artist and translator of homosexual literature. His body of work treats the breadth of the contemporary gay experience. From the manifold manifestations of modern love to the dynamic nature of masculinity, RJ employs a combination of text and image to bear witness to both his own and the broader homosexual condition. Two principal motifs circulate Arkhipov’s work: the male nude and blood. With these carnal devices, RJ sheds light on the extant stigmas within the gay community and draws attention to the societal vestiges of sodomy laws. In September 2015, he performed and exhibited Words&Blood—a poetry series written using his own blood as ink—at the CRISIS performance arts festival in Paris. Most recently, RJ has published a translation of homoerotic poetry, toured with the Polari LGBT literary salon and has penned and narrated a poem on masculinity for an arthouse film.